Four Major Types Of Toilets

Toilets are an indispensable element of any building. And the world of entrepreneurs has not missed on making it innovative, advanced, and modern with the use of technology. Following are the four prominent types of toilets that you can expect to find in a modern building. Contact a Best plumber Carlsbad plumberĀ If you are still unaware .

Wall Faced Toilet:

Since it is designed in a fashion that the bathroom wall is right against the flush, it is the most advanced and sleek toilet designs that are ideal for a small bathroom. It is also relatively quieter than an ordinary toilet.

Close Coupled Toilet:

It is a mid-range toilet that is a perfect alternative for the traditional link type of toilets. In such toilets, the cistern is right above the toilet pan. Due to a gap between the back of the clogged toilet and the wall, however, it can get tricky when it comes to cleaning it thoroughly.

Back To Wall Toilet:

As the name suggests, this type of toilet is permanently fixed to the back wall of the bathroom that makes it easier to clean. The pipes can be hidden discreetly with such toilets since the cistern is attached directly to the bathroom wall.

Wall Hung Toilet:

These most advanced type of toilets use a bracket in the wall to be mounted and lifted above the floor completely which makes it extremely convenient to clean such toilets. Thanks to the in-wall cistern, this is one of the most clutter-less toilets which are specifically suitable for small bathrooms.