Tips To Remove and Prevent Limescale from Your Home

Limescale is a common occurrence in your home if you have hard water and you will notice the magnesium
and calcium deposits in the different areas of your bathroom and kitchen. The limescale appears like a green
and white crust which is very unsightly and it can cause damage to your home appliances. Therefore, it is
extremely important that you know how to remove and prevent limescale so that you will not have to facing
this plumbing problem. This mineral deposit is alkaline in nature and it is generally found after water has
been deposited which creates white and lumpy deposits on the walls and plumbing fixtures. Therefore, it is
extremely important that you contact a plumber who can help you to eliminate this build up quickly so that
you will face serious problems if this limescale is not removed at the earliest. This chalky looking texture is
generally found on the machinery, water pipes and household appliances causing long term damages to your

Ways to remove limescale

These minerals build up can be removed with the use of different products that are used for removing
limescale in an effective manner. You can also hire a plumber who can easily remove these deposits so that
you will no longer have to worry about damages that are caused due to existence of the limescale. But you
also have the option of following DIY methods which are very useful as it helps you to get rid of these
deposits in a quick and safe manner. the best way of removing limescale from your home includes-

Mixture of baking powder and vinegar

Mixture of lemon and vinegar

Coca cola

These are easy methods that can help you to remove limescale build-ups from the pipe but for this you need
to invest in time and efforts for getting the desired results. But make sure that you follow preventative
methods for ensuring that the limescale problems do not affect your home again in future.

Tips to prevention of limescale

If you are facing limescale problem in your home on a consistent basis, you will need to install water
softening system so that you can easily eliminate the hard water problem. The incoming water supply is
mixed with sodium based solutions for counteracting the damaging effects of the mineral buildup. Along
with protecting your valuable appliances, the installation of this system will also prevent your pipes from
further damage. Additionally, you will get healthier skin and cleaner dishes and clothes when you don’t have
hard water in your home so that you will no longer have to deal with limescale buildup. Using the water
filter is also an excellent way of removing the unwanted minerals that are present in hard water. You will
need to install water filters on taps and faucets so that you can easily get rid of the salt and minerals that are
causing damages to your plumbing system. Installing a descaler system and magnetic water conditioner also
prevents the formation of limescale so that you will not face any problem due to presence of hard water in
your home

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