Plumbing Priorities: A Guide Before Going to Vacation

When you arrive home from an amazing vacation, nothing is more frustrating, only to discover that your
house and everything inside is submerged in water. This disaster will greatly damage your furniture, house
technologies, and the house itself.

That is why it is important to set plumbing priorities before going out. Don’t get too excited, or your majestic
destination may become a dreadful nightmare.

To avoid this, we are here to help you. In this post, we will provide a checklist for you to use to ensure all is
well before going out on your vacation.

Turn off every faucet in and out of the house

You first have to check to ensure that all faucets inside or outside your house are closed or turned off. This
ensures no water will spill and fill your house when you’re not around. In addition, remove the hoses that
connect to it and ensure no water is stuck inside.

Check for any leaks

This is important to do. Sometimes, there is damage that occurs in your faucets and drainage system that you
are unaware of. Make sure to inspect it thoroughly. Once found, call for a professional plumber to fix any
plumbing issues, or you can fix it yourself if you have the skills. But better safe than sorry. Let the
professionals do their work to ensure seamless and outstanding service.

Turn off your house’s water source

Turning your faucet off is sometimes not enough. Make sure to turn off your water source. The waters will
leak if your pipes are busted and you do not turn them off. This lowers the possibility of water leakage or
your house being flooded since the main source is turned off.

Clean all the draining systems.

Sometimes, even if the water source is off, water leakage and flooding occur because your drainage and
gutters are clogged with waste and debris. The water cannot pass through. Instead of going through canals
when it rains, the water flow redirects inside the house, which causes the disaster.

Make sure your yards are clean.

Before leaving, ensure no roots are near your drainage and water supply. This roots and cause some damage
too. Also, if you have water sprinklers in your yard, it is best to empty those and completely shut them off.

Make sure to fix your appliances.

Now, check all the appliances that may cause any plumbing issues when you’re away. For example, check
the washing machine hose to see if there is some stuck water. You can also double-check your kitchen sink
and your toilet. Also, if possible, place all important appliances in high areas in the house in case flooding
occurs. This will save you both from any unnecessary purchase or service of new things because you did not
take any precautionary measures.

Ask for someone you can trust to check your house occasionally.

If you are going for a longer vacation, say a week or more, it is best to let someone check your house once in
a while. Someone that you can trust. It could be your neighbor or another family member. Just ensure that
the person you ask for is someone close to you.

This will help you not be anxious since you know your home is safe.

Also, if you do this, give them a list of all emergency contact they can use for easy access.

Taking care of this list and ensuring all is well before leaving increases the probability of returning from
your lovely vacation and arriving at a scene of a dreadful nightmare because of the disasters that happen just
because you didn’t do this measure

In addition to this, make sure that your house has secure locks to avoid getting robbed. With this, you can
truly enjoy your vacation without agonizing about your house’s status.

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